Education Outreach Program

Conservation Made Simple is working with you to bring our mission into your classroom, lecture, or event. After our involvement with the 2018 Sail in Cinema at the Port of Everett, we launched the Education Outreach Program. This program will take many forms, a few of which are listed below.

Events: Conservation Made Simple will continue to be present at events such as the Sail in Cinema. Depending on the event and its location, our booth may include bio facts, live animals, and lawn games. 

Classroom: Conservation Made Simple would love to bring environmental learning to students of all ages! We use interactive activities to teach important stewardship concepts in a fun and interesting way. We strive to help children and young adults discover the amazing world around them while also learning how to make wise decisions to take care of our environment.  

Assembly: Let Conservation Made Simple enrich your school day in a way that is unlike the rest! Using stories, biofacts and live animals, we bring a powerful message to inspire action and leave students aware of their environmental surroundings.

Let Us Join You

Whether you are a preschool teacher with an enthusiastic group of kids, a principal with a large class of high schoolers, or someone organizing an event, contact us to come out and liven up the room or event with biofacts and impactful words.

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